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A Reminder of What’s Important….

Discussion Quote/Devotional thought of the day…
I want you to realize that, even looking at things humanly, concern for souls follows naturally from the fact that God has chosen us. As one of the Fathers of the Church points out, “When you discover that something has been of benefit to you, you want to tell others about it. In the same way, you should want others to accompany you along the ways of the Lord. If you are going to the forum or the baths and you run into someone with time on his hands, you invite him to go with you. Apply this human behavior to the spiritual realm and, when you go toward God, do not go alone.”  Escriva,

Something to think about – where evangelism is not a duty… but a reaction to the grace we’ve been given.

I’ve used the illustration before – if someone was writing 1 million dollar checks to whoever stopped at the intersection of Carmenita Ave and !83rd Street – and you received one and realized there were thousands more available – who would you call?  When would you stop calling people?  Would someone have to actually tell you that you are commanded to tell them?

Is God’s grace worth more – and given as freely?

Take a few minutes – think about the promises God gave you when He cleansed you in baptism, think about the Body broken and Blood shed – the feast of the people of God are given… think about the freedom of being forgiven your sin, of having guilt and shame erased, of burdens and the things you resent being as if they didn’t exist… of walking this day… knowing God is with you – lifting you up, encouraging you, guiding you….

who do you know who needs those blessing – even more than they need 1 million dollars?

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