How Do You Plead?

Featured imageHow Do You Plead?  1 Corinthians 5:11-21

In Jesus Name

May you realize the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that mercifully and lovingly reconciles you and brings you back to our Father!\

The Plea

Two men stood in front of the judge and the jury, waiting to hear how their pleas were heard, and how their pleas for just would be answered.  Whether they believed their pleas or not, their long struggle for the justice was about to be answered.

It was different this time, as I handed the bailiff the verdict, as justice was delivered.

In the back of my mind, I heard the words of Barry, one of my fellow jurors, CLICK

I would rather have justice, than the outcome of the law….

How I wish we could have had the time, and the opportunity to share with them the true nature of justice, that they could have heard that plea.

For that day, in the court room, the plea for reconciliation, the plea for true justice, was the furthest things from what occurred, the furthest thing from anyone’s heart.

And as everyone walked away from that courtroom in Norwalk, the verdict we had given was fair in our minds, but scripturally, it was far from just.

You see the wrong plea was entered… the plea should have been the pleading we’ve been given by Christ, as Paul wrote:

We speak for Christ when we plead,  CLICK  “Come back to God!”

Our Need For that Judgement

All over the news and the internet, people crying out for justice, crying out against what they perceive as injustice.  If you talk to a judge or a lawyer, they can tell you the wait for justice can be three to five years.  If you talk to those who are pleading for justice, their ideas differ.  And a jury can struggle to determine what is truly just, for in a civil trial how can you put a price tag on it?  How can you place a number of years in a criminal trial, that will bring to balance the injustice?

Even so, people cry out for justice, for things to be made right.  We so want what we think justice is.  But here is how God defines justice,  (verse 19)  CLICK

For God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself, no longer counting people’s sins against them!


21  For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ.

True justice, true righteousness is seen in the work that God our Father commissioned, the cost of reconciliation, of making people right with the Father.  

True justice then, would have resulted in a friendship between the two men suing each other, and their ability to do so, knowing that Christ paid the price for both of their sins!

They could have known that, they could have known a kind of justice that would have healed the broken relationship that they had. For as their sins were counted against each other, as they were erased, what could separate them?

That’s justice, and it is so completely unexpected.  CLICK

This is how Jesus saves us, this is how God planned for this, as we hear from Isaiah, whose words were written centuries before the cross.

5  But because of our sins he was wounded, beaten because of the evil we did. We are healed by the punishment he suffered, made whole by the blows he received. Isaiah 53:5 (TEV)


10  The LORD says, “It was my will that he should suffer; his death was a sacrifice to bring forgiveness. And so he will see his descendants; he will live a long life, and through him my purpose will succeed. Isaiah 53:10 (TEV)

In the very suffering and death of Jesus, we find all of us reconciled to the Father.  That is justice.  Being reconciled to God is the kind of Justice He seeks.

From my devotions yesterday, this quote explains it well,  CLICK

But when a person has once met Christ, when a person has once seen Jesus and really learned to know him, then everything is changed. Then everything else is comprehensible and life is renewed. And you [priests] have really only one task: to present Jesus to all people in such a way that they see him and learn to love him.[i]

When God reconciles us, we are that new creation, as Paul says, the old life is gone, the new life, our new life in Christ has begun!

Everything has changed, the gift of God that is so incredible!

Our plea is different now… 

As we look at what has changed, our plea for justice stands out.  It is no longer a plea to some vague idea of justice that favors us over others, it is a plea for God’s justice, that they would know His love, that they would welcome His mercy.

It has changed as well from a plea to God for that justice, to a plea to those who cry out for justice, to hear God’s version of it, to be called back to God.

This is what the ministry is all about, this is what the Christ’s love compels us to do.

To share with each other, that in Christ, we have been reconciled to God. Christ’s work is so perfect, that there is no relationship that is beyond His ability to heal, as He brings us into Himself, as He makes of us, one family, one people.  His people.

Reconciled to the Father, which is how we see each other. As His children, as those He died for, as those who no longer live for themselves, but live in Christ, who died and was raised for us. That’s why we plead, not to God, but with people to come back to God.

A plea that is an interesting word picture.  We become their paraclete’s, the one’s that come alongside them, lift them up and lovingly carry them back to Jesus.  If the word sounds familiar, it should.  It is one of the names for the Holy Spirit.  That is why our pleading is effective, for it is done in Christ, and by the Holy Spirit’s power!

What an amazing thing this message of reconciliation we have been given, this plea that God entrusts to us, to call out to others, to beg them to see the work of God, done for them, and to trust that God has reconciled them as well.

Two last thoughts about God’s Justice  CLICK

When we love our neighbor, pleading with them to see Jesus, to recognize His work reconciling them to the Father!

And there is no greater testimony to God’s love and mercy at work in us, that the Holy Spirit has taken up residence in us, than to plead with our enemies to be reconciled to Jesus Christ.

For it takes a level of peace to do this, a peace that goes beyond logic, that goes beyond understanding, a peace that unites all in Christ, where He guards their hearts and minds.  AMEN!


[i] Ratzinger, J. (1992). Co-Workers of the Truth: Meditations for Every Day of the Year. (M. F. McCarthy & L. Krauth, Trans., I. Grassl, Ed.) (p. 191). San Francisco: Ignatius Press.

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