Who Do You Call First?

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10  We were God’s enemies, but he made us his friends through the death of his Son. Now that we are God’s friends, how much more will we be saved by Christ’s life! 11  But that is not all; we rejoice because of what God has done through our Lord Jesus Christ, who has now made us God’s friends. Romans 5:10-11 (TEV)

A god is that to which we look for all good and in which we find refuge in every time of need. To have a god is nothing else than to trust and believe him with our whole heart. As I have often said, the trust and faith of the heart alone make both God and an idol.
If your faith and trust are right, then your God is the true God. On the other hand, if your trust is false and wrong, then you have not the true God. For these two belong together, faith and God. That to which your heart clings and entrusts itself is, I say, really your God. (1)

1009      Whenever the worrying thought enters your head that you lack rectitude of intention—sometimes it may come like a flash of lightning, at other times like a filthy pestering fly which you brush off but which keeps coming back—always make acts of the opposite virtue straight away… and carry on working calmly for Him and with Him. At the same time, even though you might feel you are only pronouncing the words mechanically, say slowly: Lord, I want nothing for myself. May everything be for your glory and for your Love. (2)

My son and I, a couple of weeks ago, went to my college alma mater to watch a basketball game.

As we were about to leave, we passed a table offering raffle tickets to raise money for the girl’s team.  All four top prizes were computer tablets, so we bought a few tickets and walked away.

Yesterday, as I was working in my office, I got a phone call.  We won!  (this is the second tablet I’ve won… 🙂 ) Before I was off the phone, I was already walking to where my son was, eager to share with my techie son that we had another “screen” in the family. I had to let him know.  My wife found out later, and silly me, I forgot to

As I was reading the Large Catechism (the blue quote) this morning, I thought of that – who do we go to first?  When life just sucks, or the opposite when something extraordinary happens, when we are suffering or simply trying to endure.  Who do we call?  Who do we go to find sustenance?  Who do we praise and glorify?  ( I include both good and bad things on purpose)

Is it a person, a spouse or a parent?  Is it some item, such as a bottle or chocolate, or some drug?  Or do we choose to suffer alone?  Or do we tell the world by FB, Twitter, and text?  Do we ever bring it to God?  Have we set up an idol, even many idols?

Who do we cling to?  Who do we count on?

Do we ever think about our relationship with God in that way?  As the closest of friends?  Can we even conceive of a God, who is that interested in us, that desires to be given all we can’t handle, and yes, to be thanked when something special happens?

Do we realize that is what it means to pray without ceasing, to give God the good, the bad, the challenged?

As we walk through this Lent. As we walk with Christ to the cross, may we share it all with Him! May we depend upon Him so much, may we adore Him so much, that it is His name we call first, in prayer and praise!

May we call Him first, and always!

(1)  Tappert, T. G. (Ed.). (1959). The Book of Concord the confessions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. (p. 365). Philadelphia: Mühlenberg Press.

(2)  Escriva, Josemaria (2011-01-31). The Forge (Kindle Locations 3558-3562). Scepter Publishers. Kindle Edition.

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