A Little Boy’s Dream fulfilled…what is yours?

Devotional Thought of the Day:

It was about two years ago, as his mom did the Old Testament and Epistle readings of the day.  As she returned to her seat, he asked, since he was reading already, if he could read God’s word to the God’s people.   “Someday you will do it, when you are older,” replied his father, who happened to be the pastor.   To be honest I was thinking during confirmation a decade away…. I would have never expected two years.  Even for William that would be something incredible.  Yet, yesterday, with more seriousness than I have ever seen, he got up, walked over, bowed,  stepped up onto a step, and read a passage from Isaiah clearly, and with incredible skill – especially for a 5 year old.

I was proud of him on many levels, especially as I heard the reaction of our church, and heard how he ministered to them.  He was nervous, and did it anyway.  Although he originally wanted his mom to stand by him, he decided he wanted to do this, for God, all by himself.  When I realized my wife video’d it, sending it to a few family members seemed like a nice idea, as we figured they would be proud of him.  His dream was fulfilled and he did it well and seriously.

As I look over the comments this morning that people have made about it. I wonder how often we give up on that which God has called us to do.  Maybe it’s reading His word in public, ( I have a number of eloquent people who are very afraid of doing that! ) Or maybe it is talking to people about why you have hope?  Maybe it is studying to become a deacon, or a pastor, or going on a mission field to some remote land, or the inner city a few miles down the road.  Or maybe it is the most challenging thing (in my opinion), going to someone you’ve hurt, or been hurt by, and with great love, attempting to restore the relationship that was broken.  Perhaps it is simply living, where you are at, working among the same people, in the same vocation, but striving to do so in a way that glorifies God.

It may be titled a dream, or a calling, it may scare the heck out of you, it may seem impossible.

Ever see a five year old read 4 syllable words to a church filled with people?

Yeah – if God can help William achieve something he talked about for weeks a few years back, and still brought up – even two weeks ago… He’ll be with you…..

BTW – here is William’s video:


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