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Prayer is not a FB update!

Thought of the day:

He has become so small—you see: an infant!—so that you can come close to him with confidence.    Escriva, Josemaria

In these days of social media – it seems that we communicate more.  I am not so sure of that – we may type more words, we may text and twit, we may read the updates of our friends on facebook, ut do we really communicate?  There is far more to communication than words – there is body language, intonation, personality, culture, and… intimacy.

Example – if a person from group A says something to someone in group A, even if it is a very negative term for the group they are a part of, there is no issue.  Yet the same exact phrase from someone outside of the group – say from group C – oh my gosh, the world is about to end, for world war three has started.

Social Media gives us the illusion of communication – but without all the things that make it comprise it, the “communication” is far more shallow, far less a dialogue, and far easier to misunderstand. I bring this up.  I bring this up because I think we treat prayer like a facebook update at times.  We tell God what we need Him to know – here it is – and we bulk send a ton of posts. We treat God as if He is as far as the person we are messaging (well except for those times when you message your spouse sitting 26 inches from you!) and we expect that some time later we will get a “y”  or NO or a ROFL from God in return.

Prayer is intimate conversation – the most intimate.  We see God’s desire for that in that He didn’t come as a great king – with thousands of guards that prevents us from coming close.   He has come close, come near – come as a baby – grew up as we did, lived life with all its heart breaks, joys, sorrows, sacrifices, laughter…….He has come near… that we could be near Him, talk to Him, cry on His shoulder, be caught up in His joy as another child of the Father is revealed.   He has sent the Spirit, the Comforter to abide with us, to indwell in us, a promise of our baptism, the guarantee of our inheritance, the guide and power of our lives.

Don’t mistake the tiny infant in the cradle for someone weak, someone fragile.. He was there..for you.  To know how close you can come to Him…… know how intimate our relationship is with Him

To know His mercy, to share in His peace..

So talk to Him.. know Him..adore Him,  and fall in love with the God who has come near..

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