The Greatest Victory of This Year… Who Will You Tell About It?

Devotional Thought on Monday:

Featured image15  I speak to you as sensible people; judge for yourselves what I say. 16  The cup we use in the Lord’s Supper and for which we give thanks to God: when we drink from it, we are sharing in the blood of Christ. And the bread we break: when we eat it, we are sharing in the body of Christ. 17  Because there is the one loaf of bread, all of us, though many, are one body, for we all share the same loaf. 1 Corinthians 10:15-17 (TEV) 

938      Let us go to Jesus in the Tabernacle where we can get to know him and assimilate his teaching, and then be able to hand out this food to souls.

Yesterday, we celebrated an incredible victory. 

I wonder which of us will share the news of this victory today? 

Yesterday, we were invited to feast together, with a crowd far greater than any audience to watch any superbowl, any all star game.  A diverse and rowdy bunch for sure, as people not just across racial, cultural, and age gaps were gathered together.  Even across time were gathered in the presence of God to feast, to enjoy, to know God’s love. 

What a victory we celebrate!  What a victory we can share with others!

Our victory, for we share in it with Jesus.  We share in His Body, His Blood, together.  We share in praising Him with angels and archangels and all those host of Heaven. 

After a super bowl victory, the fans will relive the special moments of the game for weeks. I am still getting advertisements for Patriot gear.  People are still talking about it though it is slowing down quite a bit.

I wonder why we don’t talk about the Lord’s Supper, the Eucharist, with similar fervor?  Even among church folk – you rarely might hear how good a sermon was, or more likely the music, but how often do we hear about how incredible communion was?  

Is it too intimate?

Do we not comprehend what took place?

Do we not realize the promises, once guaranteed, now fulfilled as we take and eat, take and drink?

Do we not understand what it means to proclaim and celebrate His death, which intercepted our spiritual death, until He comes again? 

Celebrate my friends!  As you do, at that moment as you take the Body and Blood of Christ and are nourished by it, may you gain more insight into God’s love for you! May you know the incredible dimensions of that love, revealed in Christ Jesus being made a sacrifice, for you.


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