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The Unforeseen Second Devotional Blog of the Day:

Plan everything? Everything! you told me. All right: we need to use our prudence. But bear in mind that human undertakings, whether they are hard or simple, always have to count on a margin of the unforeseen; and that a Christian should never shut off the road of hope, or be forgetful of God’s Providence.  (1)

If you read my first blog this morning, maybe you can understand why I am struggling to get about my “duties”.  About planning 4 services, two funerals, to regular church services.  I want to put off the work, as I would want to put off mourning – what sociologists call “denial”.  If I don’t plan them..well.

So I turned to a favorite book, some short quotes and comments (if you are a regular here – you know I often work off of these writings – or find them complimentary to my own devotions) and I see the above quote.  It strikes me as oddly powerful – even as I realize how much I am weak as my days change, as my plans have to adapt.

Don’t get me wrong, I tend to thrive in the unknown, in times of chaos…. there is something… thrilling isn’t the right word… but.. energizing? in dealing with the constant flow, where God’s presence is needed, and indeed, becomes palpable.   Yet even as I thrive on such times, they can weary me, unless I realize what St Josemaria tells us to focus on above.  The “road of hope”, the very journey expecting, knowing the promise of God that sustains our steps, the providence of God, the mercy and grace and love that more that causes us to be sustained, that causes us to soar with wings of eagles….

I am not saying God can’t work with us in our ruts, in our daily grind, in those days where we have to plan, to be disciplined.  For in those times as well – we have to dwell in hope, we have to account for the blessings we will encounter, the providence that lets us rest…

It all boils down to this very things…. the Lord is with you.

Therefore you have hope – and expectation of His grace…and you are sure of His providence.

Lord Have Mercy…. we cry…trusting He does!

(1)Escriva, Josemaria (2011-01-31). The Forge (Kindle Locations 2648-2651). Scepter Publishers. Kindle Edition.

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