Following Christ….at what pace?

Devotional/Discussion Thought of the Day:

 You say yes, you are determined to follow Christ. All right. Then you should walk at his pace, not at your own! (1)

I have often wondered why things don’t happen… or why they aren’t happening.   Some of those things involve me – some involve my church, some involve those I train in ministry.

It is very much like the feeling a teenager gets – awaiting their 16th Birthday, and then realizing – just because I am 16, that doesn’t mean I get my license.

Or when we think we are ready for a promotion and it goes to someone else.  Or, why does it take so long to achieve this goal or that goal.  Weight loss might be the goal, or perhaps it is getting that next/first degree.  Or getting married, all take time, and all, are worth the wait.  (Well maybe the PhD isn’t, but hey, I can dream – can’t I?)

Spiritually, are we any more willing to wait?  Are we willing to be patient as we invest ourselves, make sacrifices, attempt to control our impatience and frustration and even anger, hoping the person we are working with, will finally get it, and have the breakthrough that will help them live in the freedom Christ died to give them.  It maybe impatience with ourself as well, as we struggle to understand, struggle to be at peace, struggle to take that next step in our faith, to see our dreams and desires to do something for God, achieved.

Maybe we think our spiritual growth should be like a microwave- 45 seconds and we are DONE!  COMPLETE!  MATURE.

In reality – sometimes its more like a crock pot… (I didn’t say you were a crock or a pot – our growth is) Hours and hours of stillness, letting God’s word, and His love, simmer within us.  Then, all of a sudden, we have reached a goal.  It’s one of those Psalm 46:10 moments.

(yes – go look it up – it’s good for you…)

( I am not kidding – go look it up – even if you think you know it)

Yeah – that verse… it’s a hard one isn’t it?

It’s hard to be patient with God, but I think its harder to be paitent with ourselves –  to admit our failures, to confess them and be absolved.. to get through the trials (see James 1…yep… go ahean… go on now) to persevere.

But I think that is how we grow best… for it requires something else we are used to…walking with Jesus… not running ahead – but enjoying the stroll He takes us on.

Walk at His pace… slow down – bask in His love, find rest for your soul… you will get there.. (as will the people you patiently bring with you..) in His time.

Oh – and one of my favorite blessings to you, as this blog ends….




(1)  Escriva, Josemaria (2011-01-31). The Forge (Kindle Locations 2003-2005). Scepter Publishers. Kindle Edition.

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